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Has anyone any experience with the Gilpa range of foods?
I haven't tried Gilpa as I didn't like the look of it but I have been using Wilsons Pasta choice with chicken and vegetables for the last year with great success and it is very similar . It is also a museli type food which you soften with warm water . I have a shiba inu with a very sensitive tummy and through the years have tried various other completes with no success as they either made him sick or hyper . I can't believe the difference in him since I started using Wilsons as he is so healthy and happy and he has the best coat he has ever had . Wilsons is a Scottish based company .
Foods reccomended by me

James wellbeloved


Royal canin

Fish 4 dogs

Wayne Wrights


Nutro choice


Ones to avoid.........







Hope that helps! :thumbsup:

I wouldn't say Chappie is one to's the only thing my boxer bitch can eat which doesn't cause her pancreatitis to flare up. Chappie is also a really good alternative to boiled chicken and rice if a dog has sensitive digestion or needs to eat something gentle on its stomach during convalescence.
Purina they make the beta greyhound range ,can anyone tell me if that is any good ?
we tried Orijen, it was too rich for Ella, (thank god........ it cost £11 odd compared to £7 odd for the Burns lamb and rice same size !)

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