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Need advice about getting a second dog


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i currently own a yorkshire terrier male who is 8 years old next month. we used to have a springer with him who sadly went to the rainbow bridge 4 years ago, in that time we tried to get another springer spaniel pup with our yorkie, however when we brought her home our little yorkie went mad, was shaking and foaming at the mouth with excessive drooling and sadly we were too worried about him and gave the pup to a friend, however we would love a second dog, we are so confused why our yorkie reacted this way as he grew up with another dog with no issues. any advice would be great.

Was that reaction for sure behavioral and not medical? I've never heard of that...
Although you knew that the puppy you brought home was a Springer pup like your last dog, your Yorkie did not know that. The pup would look, behave and smell completely different to your Yorkie's old companion.

How does your Yorkie get along with other dogs generally? Is he playful, welcoming or fearful, stand offish? Puppies are like little aliens to adult dogs unless they have been around them before. Yes, they do get used to them eventually, but it can take time.

Do you want another dog for yourself or are you thinking that your Yorkie needs a companion? It is a fallacy, in my opinion, that dogs like to have a doggy companion. Some do some don't. If he has you for companionship it may be all he wants. He may not want to share you with another dog.

If it is just puppies that worry him then why not try finding a rescue adult dog that he would accept. Rescue centres are very good at helping you find a match for your existing dog.

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