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Need help about new pups breed


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Today my mum went and bought a new puppy for herself and she's so cute! But there's one little thing I'm concerned about, she bought an English Cocker Spaniel and I really think this puppy looks like a Golden Retriever. I asked my mum if she agrees or not, she said she believes the breeder and that they know the best. It's coming from a puppy farm and to be honest, I don't trust them. I attached some pictures of the puppy, her name is Arya. I hope she really is an English Cocker Spaniel, otherwise my mum would be so sad, I like them though! :)

And the breeder told her not to go to the vet for couple of weeks, she is 40 days old, apparently. She looks big though! I bet you guys know better than I do, I never had a dog it's my common sense who thinks this is just not right. And I am also pretty sure selling dogs when they're not even 2 months old is not right but that's an another issue.

So what do you guys think, can she be a Golden and should we really not take her to the vet for first check ups because she is just too young? I know I'm posting this at 1 AM but it's been bugging me for whole night.

Thank you, all help is appreciated. :cheers:

PS Last pic is the same breed but male, not ours.




I think you may find this puppy is a "Working Type" cocker spaniel.

It is always very difficult to be sure from a picture only, there might be a cross in it somewhere!

A quick visit to the vet for a health check would be a good idea too !
Yes, don't delay going to the vet. I am sure you will love the dog whatever she turns out to be!

Don't forget to socialise, socialise, socialise :)
I agree , looks like a working line cocker . If the dog was purchased from a puppy farm it's more important to get the dog health checked as soon as possible as puppy farmed dogsare not usually in the best of health and can come with a multitude of heath problems due to bad breeding and lack of proper care
Almost certainly a working cocker so be prepared for a high energy, busy little dog, what a shame it was bought from a puppy farm but what is done is done so take your pup to the vet pronto and enjoy her

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