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Need help with my Maltese

Malt Retriever

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The place where we live rains a lot, and so I bought him a pair of waterproof rain boots, and now the main task is to make him wear them comfortably. He just doesn't want to wear them and every time throws them away. Any suggestions will be of great help...
I can't think of anything worse than a pair of uncomfortable shoes:rolleyes:
Can you not keep his feet closely trimmed.
I keep our lot's feet trimmed very short, up to the first joint in the wet winters so that they do not bring so many wet and muddy feet into the house.:D
We live near the beachside, and I was opting for shoes not just for rain but because I don't want him to hurt his paw because of the broken glass shards and pebbles.
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There's an article here which gives you some ideas for accustoming your dog to boots: How To Train Your Dog To Wear Boots |

Note that as part of our standard spam prevention measures I've removed the suggestion of a specific brand of boot from your post. It's fine to ask for recommendations though.

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