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Needing help advice for a harness for a big dog


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Hi. I have a Caucasian Shepard whose girth is 120cm (he’s a big boy not fat) and I am struggling to find a harness for him, I’ve tried everywhere.I did find one place but the harness was poorly made and snapped when I was out with my boy. I’m hoping some one on here could help me. Thanks
Have you tried Perfect Fit harnesses? I haven't used them, but they sell different components of the harness separately and are known for doing everything they can to get a good fit.
I bought our whippet’s harness from “Perfect Fit”. As JudyN has said they come in three separate parts - very much against the “one size fits all” brigade. They’re very helpful and will change items if you’ve ‘mismeasured’.
Am very happy with Mabel’s harness which we’ve used on a daily basis for well over 12 months.
What’s a K0? I’m sorry, I don’t get out much.
@Vakhar Hussain several of your posts suggest this company, are you affiliated with them?

But this is an old thread, I hope the OP has found something suitable by now.
After going through 3 harnesses for august in a year my son recommended Perfect Fit. It didn’t fit perfectly so they asked for a picture of her wearing it and then sent several other parts to switch and find what was best fit for her. It was so easy and afterwards we sent the parts we didn’t want back - all for the cost of the return package. I would recommend them as they work with the dog as an individual rather than 1 size fits all.
I'm also really like the Perfect Fit, but this thread is an old one that has been resurrected, hopefully the OP found something suitable.

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