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1: Neutering

Neutering can be quite an emotive subject here on K9 with people arguing strongly for and against.

Here's a thread which covers quite a lot of ground:

neutering thread from April 05

and this one is a little more recent, and discusses the age of the bitch concerned in some detail: Neutering, July 2005

High performance dogs and the facts about early neutering

Neutering a male... the actual experience of decision making, why, how, aftercare etc: Male neutering

What age to neuter?

Does neutering a male change behaviour - or not?

Aftercare, and what to expect when your female dog comes home after the op: thread from July 05

2: Anaesthetics

General Anaesthetic - which is best?

3: Seasons

General care, experiences, and when is it safe to let your bitch off the lead?

Coming in to season - early signs?

season - photo of the relevent anatomy may help novices identify if their bitch is or isn't :- "

Where do you walk when she's in season?

When can I let her off the lead...?

the most fertile time in the season

Season info, and a bit about spaying too...

Fertile period of a season - how long?

Is it wise to mate a bitch on her first season?

Dec 05 thread which ventured into various areas of interest regarding seasons and bitches

Pyometra: Keep an eye on your bitch 4-6 weeks after the end of her season

4: Sires

How old is too old to sire?
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Just added a new thread, and bumping this up in case anyone is interested in having a browse.

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