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never toilet trained


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I have tried keeping the dog in the crate and making it comfortable for her. I've followed Youtube tutorials including guidance for my specific breed of dog and following guidance to take her out of it often for attention/to play. But she hates enclosed spaces. Not just her crate but any small enclosed space. shes a very small dog and we've got two big crates attatched to ease her, she will still cry and shake, it makes no difference. I've tried to be consistent and not just let her out because shes crying. But she will consistently shake for all the time that she's in there, so all day. And then at night, she'll have broken sleep. I'm really at a loss.

I really need to have her kept in there because she's almost 3 now and its ridiculous that she still isn't toilet trained. That being said there are old wee stains/smells in the lino and carpets all of which we'd previously had replaced for this same problem before! I really don't want to spend so much money on one of those carpet cleaning machines! wee-away spray stuff doesn't budge it at all. I wonder if there's household stuff I can use but don't give me suggestions similar to putting toothpaste on phone screen cracks it's silly but I've tried it and it's a sham
It sounds like she may have never been acclimatised to the crate and it has now become something she will never be happy in.

So, what about a pen instead, some dogs do better in a pen - but please don't leave her to cry, all that does is make her feel like nobody is there when she is distressed. We talk about ignoring behaviours that we don't want, but this is an emotional response, she can't help feeling like this and it isn't something choosing to feel.

Then, what about toilet training - is there any reason why she can't be trained? We can offer advice if that would help.
I forgot to mention something,because this is my normal. But due to the temperatures/extreme weather (im in north highlands) there are days when we can't take her into the garden. Our garden is largely grass which is a similar height to her. I've tried putting her in clothes but the rest of her will still get wet and cold and we can't have her cold for any amount of time when shes so tiny. she's never toileted outside and will hold it in all day its ridiculous. We cant stay out that long or leave her in the garden unnattended. So we've been trying to toilet train her indoors. If I cant leave her to cry I dont know what to do. her crate is like a pen as its got mesh sides but the top and side opens so i cant imagine a pen would be any different
Has she had a vet check in case there is a medical reason she cannot hold her wee
It's not a case of her not being able to hold her wee. Believe me she can do that all day. She's choosing to toilet in the house and she's got areas in literally every room for it
Being honest, I’m finding it hard to imagine what sort of dog can’t go out in the northern highlands. I know it’s unusual for this time of year, but it’s about 10°c today, and even when it is a lot colder, it’s not cold like in places such as Canada where I have acquaintances who can take their dog out (albeit shortly and wearing coats) in far more extreme temperatures. And of course, Spring, Summer and Autumn aren’t that cold.

Toilet training her would get rid of two problems, the need to confine her and the messing in the house. I won’t lie, it won’t be easy because you need to undo what she has already learned (that indoor toileting is acceptable) as well as re-train to toilet outside, but to me that looks like the obvious answer.
I'm not saying she can't go out at all but during extreme weather we get like very high winds or storms when there's weather warnings that tell you to stay inside
Are you saying that you want her to go in specific areas in the house, effectively like litter trays? Or is your aim for her to nip out, toilet, and come back in when the weather is bad.

Is there not a more sheltered area of the garden which you could keep mown short, or even lay plastic turf, so she can have acccess to that for a short time even when the weather is bad? You could even build some sort of cover over it - I was going to say like a gazebo, but you'd need something that won't blow away!
I'm not saying she can't go out at all but during extreme weather we get like very high winds or storms when there's weather warnings that tell you to stay inside

but the times when the weather is fine surely outnumber the times when it is that bad - are you saying your dog doesn’t get out at all? Because there is so much that is important about getting out over and above toileting - exercise, mental stimulation etc are all important too.
Does she relieve herself on walks? How does she behave on walks?
From the sound of your post (and forgive me if I am wrong), it seems like you're asking her to stay in the crate throughout the day and night, how much time is she actually spending in there? Does she get to spend time out with you and get walked, weather permitting? Please don't think I'm judging, but as JoanneF said above, without basic mental stimulation, exercise and company she is going to be an anxious, worried little thing, never mind the confusion of toileting in the house maybe... not quite sure if you mean she's holding her wee all day to not pee in house or in her crate as you also say she chooses to pee in house, sorry a bit confused on that...
She may be a tiny dog but she will have the same needs as a larger one.

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