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Hi, I have a 13 year old Parson Russell, she has been our much loved girl, who is sadly showing signs of dementia. Thought I'd try and read others experiences....
Hello, and welcome. Sorry to hear about your lovely girl. I have no experience of this but others here have and I'm sure will be along soon.
Welcome - I am sorry to hear about your dog. What symptoms does she have, and is she having any treatment? My dog had dementia, so I know how it feels. I wrote an article about it here: Canine cognitive dysfunction (dementia in dogs)

It's heartbreaking to live with a dog with dementia, as well as hard work. My advice is to indulge her as much as possible - walk her where she wants to go, if she wants to dig holes all over the garden let her, if she needs you to throw her a ball for a solid hour, then do it, give her her very favourite treats... you won't regret it.
Exactly what JudyN says. They can still enjoy their time in the moment.
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In people with dementia, when they participate in an enjoyable activity they may forget the activity itself but the emotion, the happiness, remains for much longer. That helps them to stay settled and calm afterwards. So Judy's suggestion isn't only about indulgence (not that there's anything wrong with that), it makes for a more peaceful environment for everyone.
Thank you all for your kind words and support.

so she started becoming anxious in her crate in the early hours of the morning ( after 13 years of loving sleeping there).
Took her to the vets and she had anything physical ruled out, full blood work up etc.
We now let her sleep wherever she is happy to, free to roam the house,so that’s allowed us to get sleep, for now, seems to prefer the couch downstairs.
Vet has prescribed gabapentin for these anxious episodes.
Last night for about half an hour as we were going to bed she was panting and it was like she didn’t know where she was, until the meds kicked in, just being patient with her and give her lots of love and reassurance. I thinks it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we are with her all the way x

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