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New Home Needed New Home Needed

Jackie Thomas

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Hi I’m desperately seeking a new home for Storm a pedigree two year old Alaskan Malamute with a fantastic temperament and personality. Free to the right home. He is my son’s dog but he is unable to keep him as he is homeless due to a relationship breakdown. He is kennel club registered and up to date with vaccinations. We don’t want anything for him just hoping to find him a loving family. He loves other dogs but can be a bit boisterous for some. Kennel club papers and photos available on request.
I'm so sorry you need to rehome Storm. Could you please repost in the Rehoming and Adoption section of the forum? You can then give the post the appropriate prefix.

Also, do please be ever so careful about vetting prospective homes - so many people will be out simply to make a profit from your dog one way or another. It would be worth you contacting a breed rescue as they might be able to match you up with an adopter who is right for Storm. Good luck.
Hi JudyN
Thanks for the reply. Sorry I hadn’t realised there was a rehoming section but I will definitely repost it there. Unfortunately I’ve tried several rehoming charities and my local dogs home with no success. Storm is my son’s dog but due to his relationship breaking down he is homeless and I am trying to support both him and the dog until he can find new accommodation. However my home is not really suitable for Storm and most landlords will not take pets. I understand the dangers of unscrupulous people but can only hope we find the right person.
I'm fairly sure I read that the Dogs Trust accepts dogs into foster for temporary periods, for situations like your son's, but with the goal of them returning to the original owner when possible.

Would that be an option?
Thanks for your reply. We’ve tried them, several adoption charities and even the local RSPCA but none of them could help at the moment as they are overwhelmed with lockdown puppies and Storm is two now. The adoption agencies charge quite a large fee just to advertise a dog and it can take many months before they actually manage to rehome one so can’t help feeling desperate.
Have you tried Rescue Remedies rescue ..they are located in gatwick but maybe able to help you. ...
Has storm been neutered...
Whereabouts are you located ...
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What about his breeder? Good breeders would want to take back any dog they have produced so hopefully Storm's would be happy to have him?
Hi thanks to everyone who replied with advice. We tried the breeder first but unfortunately as Storm was two years old by then they were unable or unwilling to help. We contacted The Dogs Trust, AMCUK, and SSDR and numerous other charitable organisations but other than put Storm on their waiting lists there was not much else they could offer. This was over a year ago and we’re no nearer finding him a suitable home. I don’t really know what else we can do except hope my son’s situation improves and he will be able to find suitable accommodation for both of them.
I am so sorry nobody can help yet ...dont give up hope ....
What Tinytom says - I really hope everything comes good soon.
There are some 'pet friendly' letting agents around, we have a really good one in our area which I was lucky enough to come across when I had 2 dogs, a cat, was 6 months pregnant and not working, as I'd just moved back from Ireland... I don't know what I would of done otherwise as it is incredibly difficult to rent with animals as you say. It maybe worth doing a search in your area online to see if anything comes up( apologies if you have already!)
The other long shot to try is to put an ad in your local papers to say you are looking for a pet friendly landlord/lady and see if anything is offered..
Wishing you all the very best of luck.
Would your son consider a long-term arrangement with a boarding kennels? Then he can visit and exercise his dog as much as he likes. Kennels may be happy to negotiate a reduced fee for a long-term resident.

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