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Lisa O'Neill

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Hi everyone, I'm Lisa and I have a 14 wk old labradoodle called C.J. I had previously a black Labrador called Bob but he had to be put to sleep aged 13 as he had a tumor, that was on the 3rd of may 2020. I really didn't want another dog as Bob was just special, but I got very down so decided to get a labradoodle as there isn't as much hair loss. The collage is of Bob and CJ has his green harness on.


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Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for your loss, but am sure CJ is bringing a lot of joy into your life. Lovely photos!
Hello and welcome. I am so sorry for your loss and grief - most of us have been through that, often several times, and we do understand. We can never replace a beloved dog. They each have their own special part of our hearts. But the greatest compliment we can give them is to allow another dog into our hearts as well. I'm glad you have done this, and look forward to hearing about CJ. And if you feel like telling us about Bob, that's fine as well. Often it helps.
Welcome. Yes, losing a dog is very painful :( It looks like you and CJ are starting out on the road to many great adventures.

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