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New Puppy at Home


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Hi Everyone,

Just introducing myself. I have a 14 week Cockapoo called Cooper.
Cooper has been with me and my partner for 10 days. He’s a sweet boy with all the puppy naughtiness!
Over 20 years ago I had 2 German Shepherds from pups and I’m way out of practice.
Cooper responds nicely to his name and we learnt “sit” yesterday too.
Any puppy advice greatly received, especially toilet training (oh my days haha)

Thank you and have a great day :)
Welcome, and congratulations on your new pup!

We have a few useful articles in the puppy section of the forum, including one on housetraining - you can find links to them all here: Useful Links & Recommended Reading. Spaniels and their crosses don't tend to be the quickest to pick up housetraining...

Do you have any photos you could share? We do love puppy photos, though it's not obligatory!
Welcome from me too.
Hi and welcome :)

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