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New Puppy!


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So we've finally found a little boy Lab, he's 9 weeks and we bring him home next Thursday. Apart from the obvious what do people recommend from experience Do's and don'ts for the 1st few days/nights?
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How exciting!

You will find this section of the forum helpful, there's a thread on the First Few Nights there too.

But do come back with any questions. And photos!

Thread 'Useful Links & Recommended Reading' Useful Links & Recommended Reading

I'd say keep everything happy and positive, and don't worry if he clings to you like a limpet - the most important thing is for him to feel safe. Put everything away that you don't want him to chew, and be prepared to have moments of thinking 'What on earth have I done?'!
How lovely, congrats from me too! Do you have a name for him?
Can't add any more advice, it's been a long, long time since I had a pup! But just to emphasise the keeping him close thing, letting him feel super safe now will help give him a great foundation to build his confidence and independence as he grows.
Congratulations 😀 I don’t believe in do’s and don’ts other than getting them to settle in happily and works for your family. When I brought my lab home at 8 weeks, I took 2 weeks off work even though I mostly work from home. We had a crate inside a very large puppy pen in the dining room and I slept in the adjoining lounge for 10 nights as it worked for the family. Enjoy your lovely 🥰
Congratulations 🥰 on finding your little Lab boy! Bringing a new puppy home is such an exciting time.

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