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New whippet


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Complete newbie to whippets getting new whippet October can any one tell how you go about showing
First get it used to being stacked and gone over. Join a ringcraft class and follow their suggestions. Talk to as many show people as you can. Finally remember at most shows Whippets are one of if not the highest entries so winning, in fact getting any card, is hard and at all times enjoy it. To me unless both you and the dog are enjoying it its not worth doing.

I just want to ask all of you about this


is it correct for my whippet puppy?

Thanks in advance
Just for myself, well for my dog I mean, I like the collars that have a soft inner lining. Or the fabric martingale style. Whippets have such fine fur they easily get rubbed balled in places.
Hello. I get my everyday collars from They are suede lined so great for wearing all day. They are also a reasonable price. I must have had 10 from them by now! I would lay off buying fancy collars until your whippet is full grown as they will probably grow out of them. The website has lots of whippet stuff. I got raincoats from them too.
I have whippets and use a soft whippet collar, I don't like the stud/buckles on the inside to rub. Like you I was new to showing with my first whippet and my breeder was very helpful, she chose the puppy for me and I learnt with my pup by going to ringcraft, practicing at home and then launching myself into shows. I was very lucky to have a decent if not top class puppy and I had a lovely lot of rosettes by the time my dog was a couple of years old, even though I was not a "face" in the show ring I found most people very helpful and friendly. There is a lot of competition and you will be given lots of advice, my advice would be to listen and not gossip, smile despite your placings and watch the top show people to see how they do it then copy them! If you want to show successfully I would say you would have to buy from a breeder who is showing and winning or someone who is breeding from parents that have plenty of good breeding, it's a fabulous breed and I hope you really enjoy every minute of being a whippet owner.
I'd also suggest either buying a copy of this book -

Get outstanding show results by using positive reinforcement methods including ... Positive Training for Show Dog is the first book to apply the latest scientific ...

& / or the DVD version, which demonstrates the process:

Positive Training for Show Dogs,  DVD by Vicki Ronchette  -- See other books by author. 
Publisher: Tawzer Dog Videos Edition: 2010 DVD Run Time: 4 ...

... & / or join this Yahoo group - 
Clicker and Positive Show Dog Training

Clicker and Positive Show Dog Training

teaching a dog to self-stack freely is easy with a marker, & very very hard without a marker. ;)  
- terry

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