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newbie spaniel owner


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I am owned by Asher, a 2 year old black cocker spaniel.
He has so far been a delightful but challenging character.
Welcome to the forum :)
Hello welcome.
We too have Cocker Spaniels, 5 or 6 depending whether our daughters pup "Titch" is with us or not.
"Titch" spends 5 days per week with us while our daughter works but goes home for evenings/nights, and stays with our daughter when she has her 2 days off/weekends. She was 2 years on 19th May.
Our remaining 5 vary in age from 5 years to 13 years. We love them all :rolleyes:

Ah..Asher would love to play with Titch.
He is generally very social. He recently played very gently with a mini him before leading the little one astray.
Hello and welcome. As a returning user, I can still say this place is very friendly, so post away! :)
Titch is very friendly with others but when she is with us she has to restrain herself and remain with us and the other 5. None of our lot are aloud to introduce themselves to other dogs or people, unless we are out on a days beating where all dogs have to mix with each other without too much fuss.
What she is aloud to do when out with our daughter I have no idea,:eek: but I know she goes to the pub quiet a lot and meets other dogs and people there.
We like people to ask if they can touch our dogs, of course we say yes, your welcome.:)
Hello and welcome to you and your dog.
Hi and welcome from me too:)

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