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Hi all,
Thank you for allowing me access to this forum.
I have a 1yr old choc lab and she is getting over weight. We can still see her side profile to be correct and feel her ribs however, she only has the tiniest bit of waist left before it disappears.
I need to pull my finger out!
On another note, what I really would like to find out her teats between her hind legs are just like saggy older ladies boobs! Sorry, for the lack of a better phrase to discribe them. They started to develop during her first season (Feb 23) but have continued to very slowly develop further. Any reason why this might be? Could this be due to her weight gain? I will add a pic so you can see what I mean.
Thanks in advanceView attachment 111981009
Once you get the weight off her, she should return to a more maidenly figure, though sometimes they don't go back to quite how they used to be.

She might be at the tail end of a false pregnancy (completely natural and normal follow-on from a season, but more obvious with some than others) but it'll all sort itself out in time.
Welcome to the forum:)

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