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Jo Goatley

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I am an owner of 4 beautiful cocker spaniels who certainly my keep me busy.
My eldest fur bab, Lily, is starting to slow down on walks and I am considering purchasing either a dog buggy or a dog carrier (rucksack) I wondered if anyone had any experience of either and could offer some advice.
I bought a dog buggy about 18 months ago when my dog ruptured his cruciate ligament. It was a great purchase, it let us get out and about and probably saved our sanity.

The advice I was given was to go for one with three wheels (easier to manoeuvre) and big wheels if possible for a smoother ride over rough ground. My dog faced forwards in it, but think about whether your dog would prefer that, or to be facing you.

The one I used had straps to attach to my dog's harness, I'd have liked them to have been fastened to the frame a little further back from where they were. And - not really a problem because I just removed it - it came with a white seat pad. I mean, white for a dog? Really?

I think the size I had would be small for a cocker, it was the Rodoo for dogs up to 20lb, and I bought it from Amazon.
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We had this one for our Parson terrier when she couldn’t go on longer walks anymore, lots of room inside and she enjoyed going for outings in it. Brought ours from a lady who only used it a couple of times and was like new. Great off road too!
Hello and welcome to you and your dogs. No experience of buggies, but I see you've had some useful information already.
Thank you for your responses I think after reading these I will opt for the buggy rather than a rucksack as it feel it would be more comfortable for my dog.
Lily weighs 16kg so I think the Radoo would be perfect
Welcome to the forum, I hope you end up with the buggy you both need:)
There are some lovely people around - something that moves me whenever I see the efforts made for our critters.

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