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Odd dog behaviour


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Until recently, our dog was toilet trained; she would go by the door and bark to be let out. She's stopped doing this, stopped toileting outside completely, but is let out at regular intervals throughout the day and before bed and for a reason unknown to me has decided it's appropriate to always toilet indoors, in random places
How old is she, and how long was she reliable before this started? Does she wee & poo on walks? Is she spayed and if so, how long ago?

Any other changes in her life, new members of the family (animal or human)? And has her behaviour/mood changed in any other way?
In addition to Judy's questions, what has changed outside the house? In the neighborhood?

Often changes like this is due to something scary happened or now there is something scary in the environment that wasn't there before.

If this dog is under 1 year old, this can also be caused by the dog's first time experiencing unpleasant weather. Where it had been warm and dry, it is now cold and wet. Or even changes less day light at this time of year, to more darkness. Uptil now all the dog's experiences going out to potty, it had been day light, now there is more darkness. this last suggestion is going to be fairly rare, but the point is something changed and we have to sometimes really stop and think about what is changing or changed or might have changed.
Oh wow, that's interesting to learn.There are no new animals/humans since after she started doing this, we got a new dog a few years ago but she wasn't doing anything odd then. I'm not sure what changed, other than the seasons. She's five. And she's not spayed no, but she was certainly toilet trained before
Any sudden changes in toilet habits are worth a vet check, to establish whether it is medical or behavioural. Try to get a sample from early in the day and hand it in to your vet.

Then, if medical causes are ruled out, go back to basics. Don't let her out, take her and stay with her. If something has given her a fright your presence will reassure her. When she toilets, praise immediately and reward generously. It has to be immediate to be clear that it's for toileting and it has to be generous to make it worth her while to hold her toilet until she is outside.
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I forgot to respond sorry, but it was due to behavioral issues. Thanks for the advice

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