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Offering Dogs 'free To Good Home'

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I've read on two different boards recently about dog dealers scouring free ads etc for dogs offered 'free to good home'. The dogs are kept in appalling conditions, and either repeatedly bred from or sold on. :(

In one case it is an organised operation in the Surrey area fronted by a 'respectable' couple with a nice house who pose as prospective owners. There is a similar scam come to light in Edinburgh.

I'm quite sure these aren't the only ones, and of course there is nothing illegal per se about pretending you want to rehome a dog then breeding or selling on.

I'm sure a lot of people offering their dogs 'free' do so because the put a good home for their dog above getting any money for them, but it's a dangerous thing to do. These are 'professional' organisations and are very convincing.

If you know anybody in the position of having to rehome their dog or see any free ads for dogs that look particularly vulnerable (unspayed pedigree bitches are obviously at high risk) please pass on a warning - and if possible encourage people to ask for a payment or donation enough to discourage these sort of dealers and to neuter before rehoming.
I unfortunately know a couple of people who do that as well, one tends to sell them on and the other uses them for breeding. Have reported them to the council for unlicensed kennels
The scum of the sewers at work again :( :(

when will it stop this f*****king abuse of animals!!

makes me feel sick
sometimes your dammed if you do and dammed if you dont :(

i know there has been a lot of discussion on here for both sides of the argument , being slated for asking money for a dog or vica versa :(

i agree with you all that this practice is discusting :rant: but i do think its a lot to do with the owners to vet the place where the dog will go , i know its not always easy and anyone can either be conned or cant do homechecks etc , its such a shame the way society is today , seeing dogs as ££££ signes instead of a lovely addition to a family .

i wish there were tougher laws on owning dogs and tougher penalties in place for these dealers / breeders but all we can do is things like this , try and bring it to peoples attention and hope we can help .

thank you for posting this topic fee fee , lets hope it goes some way to at least helping some dogs :thumbsup:
saraquele said:
sometimes your dammed if you do and dammed if you dont  :(
i know there has been a lot of discussion on here for both sides of the argument , being slated for asking money for a dog or vica versa  :(
I haven't seen the previous discussions, but I can see why people might get criticised for 'selling' their dog instead of looking for the best home.

If I was in the horrible position (heaven forbid) of having to rehome one of mine I'd ask for a donation to an animal charity. If people are really committed to taking a dog I don't think a reasonable donation would put them off.
thanks for posting this timely warning Fee.also i think people should be made aware of an even more sinister trade in dogs.and thats the scum who fight dogs.just cos your dog isnt a bull breed dont think they wont target it.they use terriers of all breeds and a lot of other dogs to use as bait dogs when bringing on a pit bull,especially if its a young dog cos they want it to win in a fight with another dog so it gets confident so theyll use a softer breed than another pit.i dont think people realise this.they also take cats and kittens to use for bait with young pit bull pups :(
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