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New Home Needed Oliver ~ handsome gsd

Pammy Gsd

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OLIVER is looking for a foster home or permanent home in the UK - we have raised enough money for his travel from Egypt in the ESMA UK Fundraising March Auction, and he has the opportunity to travel on 18th April! Oliver acts like a big puppy and is maybe one and a half to 2 years old, and has been living in the ESMA cat shelter for over a year... His nickname is "Trobsch", which is an affectionate term like "Klutz" I guess. He is young and energetic and needs lots of space to run and play and be the dog he should be!
If you know anyone who would like to foster or adopt Oliver, please contact me as soon as possible.

For more details contact Julie

Latest photos , now in foster with other dogs in Surrey.

For more details call John on 01932 571268
Home check & donation apply.

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