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On lead scenic walks - recommendations needed

Ellen Maxwell

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Hi there,
We recently got a rescue dog who is very nervous around other dogs. She's in training and we've been told not to take her anywhere where there could be dogs off lead - as we can't afford her having a bad experience.

We've just come back from the North York Moors and had a great time wandering around monestaries and pretty villages, and the Ryedale folk museum, with our dog. We'd like to organise more holidays based around on lead scenic walks in the UK.

It's easy for us to find historical places (like castles, villages etc), but much harder to find on lead scenic walks (on lead because of sheep, nesting birds etc). Can anyone recommend anything? We're mainly interested in North of England, Scotland and Wales. But any tips all over the UK would be great!
Thank you
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I live in Fife. We have a beach here that is massive at low tide, and obviously with great visibility so you can literally see people a mile off (and divert if necessary).

It's Pettycur at Kinghorn. You can park and get right on to it from the car park.

Obviously wet weekdays would be best but even on good days it might suit you.

I can no longer upload photos easily here but I did put one on when it was possible, if I can find it I will link the thread.
It's a bit of a long trip, but there are some fantastic empty beaches in north Norfolk - we went at the end of June (three times we loed it so much!) and you could look from one end of Brancaster Beach to the other and barely see any signs of humanity at all. There's a nature reserve at Titchfield where dogs need to be on lead, and you can walk down to the beach. The whole area is incredibly dog friendly - ideal if your dog is OK with being in lead in a beer garden or pub where there are other on lead dogs.
Thanks for your replies! We're actually from Norfolk and go back there a lot. Could give empty beaches a think. Think we'd still be a little paranoid about having to keep an eye out - but these are good ideas. Thanks!

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