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Orni and Sassi


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Our girls are now 14 1/2 months old and although the work has been huge having sisters, they are a continuing, constant source of joy for my husband and myself.
What a lovely pic. And what beautiful dogs.
Where has that time gone ...:D
Beautiful girls xx;)
What lovely dogs! 2 new puppies at the same time must have been chaos!
Thank you JoPin. Yes, and I certainly thought we had got in too deep but now they are so worth it!! They are the most loving dogs we have ever known and we’ve had all sorts, all our lives. They just seem to want to please even though they love to run and to play. We have never had two pups at same time before but having seen these two together it seems almost cruel to do anything else. I don’t really mean that, I guess, but they have so very much fun together whilst remaining dedicated to us. Remarkably, my husband and I managed to each end up with our own dog rather than one of us having two dogs. Perfect!
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