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Overweight dog weighs 8kg needs to be 6kg


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i feed her her 4oz fresh chicken breast and applaws dry food this amount is made in to two meals vet says i need to feed twice keep metabolism going i walk her 40 minutes everyday started too give raw carrots for treats any advice please. she is neutered and his 5 years old
Always remember not to overspoil your dogs, you think your being good but your not, like murphy say eat less amd move more.
Hello there.

Here at The Natural Dog Food Company we have developed a range of foods for the mature and younger dogs that are suffering from weight gain. Natural Dog Food Company Senior and Weight control caters perfectly by having a low calorie content which ensures a healthy weight is maintained and whilst a slight protein increase, it helps to prevent muscle wastage that is often seen in dieting dogs.

Take a look at our website to read more about our company, ethics and food range.
It's also worth bearing in mind that any weight loss in animals should be done very gradually, in order to avoid organ damage. A loss of 100g a month would be about right for a dog as small as yours elliewelly. A 5% reduction in food and a 5% increase in exercise, along with cutting out a lot of treats may be all that is needed.

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