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Owner to 2 male Frenchie pups

Hayley mills

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We’ve just got 2 12 weeks male Frenchie pups and looking for others who have 2 from same litter for advice and experiences.


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I don't have two dogs, but my advice is to read up on littermate syndrome.

Raising two dogs is more than twice the work of raising one; you will need to train them each to do things separately; and then to do them together. So it's more like three times the work. You will also need to teach them to be independent of each other as well as to co-exist. And, teach them that you are more fun than their littermate, otherwise they will just stay bonded to each other with no regard for you.

It is do-able, but you need to put in a lot more effort than if you just had one.

There's a good article here - Problems Associated With Adopting Two Puppies at the Same Time - Whole Dog Journal

Another consideration is that you have got them fairly old so it will be important to get on with socialising them before they reach 16 weeks, when their brain physiology will change. We have a good guide to socialisation here - Socialising your puppy
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Hey/ I’ve read it already and this is why I’m asking for personal experiences from people who have 2. There are also a lot of professional opinions on littermate not being an actual thing and lots of people have success with 2.
my 2 so far have no problems being alone and show no problems socialising with humans without each other. 2 signs that apparently are from this syndrome.
I have 2 half brothers ...4 months apart ...we have Never had trouble with them ....they keep each other company and still focus on us ...have excellent recall and are very sociable with people and other dogs...they are both still entire ..(they are too young to be neutered yet 22 mths and 18 mths )
I had friends who kept 2 bitches that were siblings and they fought all of the time....I personally think males are much easier ...
Your boys look gorgeous :p
Aww that’s nice to hear. Ours fight quite a bit but can also play separately in the same room so I’m assuming it’s just a pup thing that they will over the months grow out of. People keep mentioning the littermate and it freaked me out. Hearing positive things is what I need. They are so cuddly and settle so well together which reassures me they don’t hate each other lol
I expect they are play fighting sounds alot worst than it is ...
Yeah it sounds horrible sometimes but they’re easily split and happy to play seconds after
Be aware that if you only listen to the positive experiences, you might end up with a false sense of security. So do please follow the advice that JoanneF has posted to minimise the chance that you hit problems later. Chances are that they'll be absolutely fine, but it's like wearing a seatbelt - it makes sense to put it on even if you don't expect to have an accident.

Also... we love puppy photos:D
I also think it depends on which breed you have ...;)
The above pic was my 2 play fighting a while ago ...:p:eek:
Here's my brother's, Goose never liked to share his bin! Sorry couldn't resist!!:p


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I totally appreciate that I need to be aware and I already am. I have read the whole background on littermate but am hoping to get some useful tips to ensure we do it all correct. I don’t feel that focusing on all the negatives will help encourage a good relationship.
The pups are French bulldogs.


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Very cute! Nice to see Frenchies not quite so flat faced, what are their names? Sorry I haven't had any experience re adopting siblings, (other than my ferrets), so can't offer advice...
Vinnie is the smaller darker one and flatter faces and rocco is the lighter one who’s face isn’t flat. They’re doing grand together. Typical siblings that play fight but generally doing really well

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