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Hello , my dog of 7 years old is diagnosed with spread out cancer. He had a operation but within 4 weeks it all came back.
Now we are treating with palladia and prednison and he had some sideaffects. Dit anyone had sideaffects also and did they dissapear later ?

Best regards Karin
I'm so sorry, I hope the treatment helps.
Thank you , nu cure possible but we hope some extra time.
I am sorry to hear about your boy, I've had no experience of these drugs but if you have any concerns re the side affects there's no harm ringing your vets for reassurance or advice. His comfort now is the important thing, sending kind wishes...
Hello, sorry to hear about your dog. Our boy Jimmy had cancer (bladder, kidneys, other places) and was prescribed Palladia. He had side effects, most noticeably the pads on his paws went pink, like the colour of human skin. I can't remember other side effects we could attribute to the drug, I'll have to ask my wife but she's out at the moment. We opted to come off of this, and used Metacam instead. We think it bought him some time and quality of life, but he succumbed in the end.

Don't let our experience impact your dog's care - always go with what you see/feel is beneficial, and on veterinary advice. Best wishes to your wonderful boy.
Update - just spoke to my wife. Jimmy had bladder cancer, that involved passing of blood and clots (terrible to see). My wife thinks the Palladia caused him to pass clots, we took him off it, and that lessened. Of course, it may have been coincidental, but she remembers this easing for him. Does this tie in with side effects you're seeing?

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