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Peeing at night


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My dog is nearly 11 months. She's housetrained during the day and we used to leave a puppy pad near the door at night which she always used. We decided to stop that because we thought it was encouraging her to wee on it. It went well at first. She had a couple of accidents but then we had a full week of no wees. She came into season, not sure if this has anything to do with it but she's now wee'd every night for the last 12 days. Sometimes I come down to 3 puddles! I know she can go through the night and we always take her outside for her last wee anything between 10pm and 10.30pm and I'm always up at 6.30am
Unfortunately pads do give mixed messages about whether indoor toilets are allowed or not. Also, dogs don't generalise well so although she has learned ”don't toilet indoors in daytime” it sounds like she has learned ”toileting indoors at night is allowed”.

You may need to treat it as a whole new toilet training chapter. And - sorry - that means getting up in the night to take her out. Try to figure out what time she toilets and set your alarm for a little before that. Take her out, when she toilets praise her and immediately reward her with something fabulous like several tiny pieces of frankfurter sausage or roast chicken. It has to be immediate to be clear that it's for toileting and not for anything else. And it has to be generous to make it worth her while to hold her toilet.

At least its summer.
Thanks for the reply. The problem is knowing when she does it. She'd done one before midnight the other night (my son came in late) and another time she hadn't done one before 5.30am (I have to get up earlier for work a couple of days a week) so knowing what time to set the alarm for is going to be difficult. I suppose it's going to be trial and error. We're just going to have to do it lol
Sometimes the season is relevant - most bitches pee more just before a season -- but I think a vet check for UTI would be a very good idea too.

Meanwhile, consider that it has been hot and she will have been drinking more.

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