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Selling Pet food & supplies- animal sanctuary essex


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I work for an Animal Sanctuary in Essex, UK that has just opened two new pet Shops. We're aiming to raise as much funds as possible for the animals in our care. All animals are rescued and often come with a history full of abuse and neglect.

All profits from the shops go directly to the Sanctuary.

Hopefield Pet Supplies, providing animal food and accessories for all animals including cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles, Tortoises, fish, wild & pet bird, chickens, horses + more. We also stock Natures Menu

Other brands we have are James Wellbeloved, Skinners, Pedigree, Bakers, Chappie, Breederpack, Harringtons, Dylan, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin, Burns, Trixie, Nature Diet, Country Hunter & More
We also have treats, collars, leads, beds, grooming items, toys, medical and health items, bowls, cooling mats and much more!

Brentwood, CM15 9BZ Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm & Sunday 11am-4pm.
Ingatestone, CM4 0BY, Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm.
Car Parking is available at both sites.

We have a competition & money off vouchers running on our Social Pages;

And an Ebay, Amazon and Online Store are currently being created.

I hope this is allowed here, Admin do delete if not.
I hope you can support us & visit the store if you're ever passing!

Thank you xx

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