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Pet passports


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Hi, does anyone know if it is ok for a Spanish vet to write entries in a French pet passport please?
Yes, it's fine. EU vets can make entries in EU passports, just don't let a UK vet do anything.

If it's for the rabies vaccination, the further north you are (further fron the higher risk areas nearer North Africa) the more likely it is you will get a three year vaccine rather than a one year vaccine.
Thank you. It's just for the worming. We are thinking of going to Spain from France leading up to Christmas then heading to the UK. Never done it that way before Our French vet does 3 year rabies thank goodness
You will be fine then, as long as you are in the UK within 120 hours of the treatment (and not before 24 hours of it being given).
Yes. Would all depend on weather and if I'm brave enough to do Biscay in December
We were lucky earlier in the year, we got a pet cabin at the last minute (must have been a cancellation).
The pet cabins are great. Our usual route is Caen/Portsmouth. Must need more of them
Absolutely. The fact they sell out as soon as they are released shows demand vastly outstrips supply. And - the only difference between them and a normal cabin is that the floor covering is vinyl rather than carpet. Vinyl would make sense in all the cabins going over the Bay! :D

If you haven't got a pet cabin, remember to ask at check-in whether any have become free. We were told 10% of pet travellers are turned away because of paperwork errors so you might get lucky.

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