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Poo bags - why so expensive?


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Just wondering if anyone else thinks that dog poo bags are just too expensive. One of the cheapest places I can find is some website called poobagsdirect, which sells their 'value' bags at £15 for 1000, so 1.5p per bag. That sounds quite cheap until you see that Sainsbury's sell their Basics nappy sacks at 25p for 100, the equivalent of £2.50 for 1000, or 0.25p per bag, which is one sixth the price of those 'value' poo bags.

Now I'm happy to admit that poo bags are nicer to use than nappy sacks:

1. They're quite a bit bigger than nappy sacks, although that doesn't really matter where whippets are concerned, as they thankfully do nice small poos.

2. The plastic is thicker on poo bags, so less likely to tear. However, I've had both types catch on keys and other sharp objects in my pocket and end up leaking, so I don't think it makes a lot of difference.

3. Dog poo bags are usually black, or at least opaque, so more discrete. I suppose that spares the feelings of passers by, but it's not as if they don't know what you're carrying. Also, for the dog owner any poo bag is warm to the touch (you know what I'm talking about!), so it's not as if thick black dog poo bags hide all the gruesome details from you.

Anyway, I notice that about half the dog owners I see seem to do the same as us, using cheap blueish nappy sacks rather than official poo bags, so it looks like many other people have come to the same conclusion.

What I'm wondering is:

a) Why are poo bags that expensive? Dark plastic should if anything be cheaper as it can be made of recycled plastics (mixed colours and dyed).

b) Does anyone know anywhere that sells poo bags anything like as cheap as nappy sacks? Let's say a max of 50p for 100.
Nope, sorry. Let me know when you find some. We are a captive market.
I buy nappy sacks as they are much much cheaper. But then I only have 2 little raw fed whippets so there poo isn't bad to pick up at all......I had a friend with an akita who was kibble fed and he didn't like the nappy sacks so much.....haha

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