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Poop scope recommendation

Frank Truscott

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Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a decent hand held poop scoop recommendation. I used to use Pedigree pooper scooper that had a small piece of plastic that acted as a hinge to make it spring back into place. It was brilliant. The newer design does not have the mechanism and is difficult to use for larger hands.

Can anyone recommend a hand held scooper that you can take with you when walking?

thanks in advance
To be honest, I've always just felt it's just another thing to carry - I like decent poo bags that I can just use over my hand. I suppose that's not for everyone though.
Maybe it depends on what type of poo the dog produces.
If it is large squidgy and very stinky type of poo, I don't think I would want to put my hand in any poop bag, no matter how thick it may be.
If you are picking up the firm poo's I see no reason for a poop scoop.o_O
As @JoanneF has mentioned a good strong quality bag should be quiet adequate.
I buy my poop bags from "Mutts Butts", I use their Standard 17 miocrons thick, their brown PREMIUM bags are 25 microns thick (very thick).
They also have economy bags that are only 12 microns thin, (oh yuk) not for me thank you:rolleyes:.
While we are on the subject of poo bags, I have a pet peeve about the so-called biodegradable bags.

To be biodegradable, they need to be in an aerobic environment, and as most end up in landfill, they aren't. There's no oxygen to break them down.

But - if they do get into an aerobic environment where they can break down, they just break down into microplastics which are arguably worse for the environment.

Apologies to regulars who have seen me rant about this already ...
Then maybe there should be paper bags designed for the poop collection.
I remember when carrier bags were paper.
I've always just used poo bags, but some people find bending over difficult for any number of reasons. Pooper scoopers could be a godsend for them.
I've recently tried the compostable poo bags, a bit expensive even when I get them in bulk. Some are pretty good and some I found the seams were a bit variable shall I say...I did end up with either my fingers going through them:eek:,(only happened twice before I started checking the seams!) or by the time I got to a poo bin, at least one of my bags would be emptyo_O so poo dropped out somewhere along the way! There are a few different brands out there now, 'Panmer' compostable bags seem to be consistently good, but pricey. They also do compostable pet wipes which I really like, fragrance free.
Apologies to OP, going off track!:oops:
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I just had a quick look, if you google 'spring loaded poop scoop' quite a few come up. Sorry I can't recommend any, I've always used my hand in a bag...

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