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Potty training transition


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Our 12 weeks puppy is really good at going toilet in the garden( upper decking area is now his grand toilet )

We're trying to transition him to go potty on walks but he would rather hold it for ages and would only go once we take him outside as youd expect thats where all his scent is.

I was wondering if there are any recommended ways to do the transition from potty in garden to walks?
At the moment we're starting to take him outside the house when he's despirate for potty ( first thig in the morning, after naps) but still won't go.

Puppy tax paid


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Maybe mop up some of his toilet with a pad, and put that in different parts of the garden to get him used to toileting in other places?
When he feels more secure about the world in general, he will be brave enough to empty himself out on walks. You don't have to do anything - it will happen in its own time.
It took our pup 6 months before he would go to toilet out on walks and now he pees on everything :D:D:p
It took our pup 6 months before he would go to toilet out on walks and now he pees on everything :D:D:p
Haha aww bless, I bet they just need time to get comfortable with it all.
Our puppy is super excited about walks so I guess once he relaxes more he will eventually goes on everything.

Thank you guys for the help and suggestions!
Can't add anything other than, Wow he's super cute!! Love that 'puppy tax':D:D

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