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Premises required - do you know anywhere that might suit?

Discussion in 'Rehoming and Adoption' started by FFH, Feb 3, 2019.

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    We are looking for new premises for our dog rescue charity.

    Do you know anywhere North Shropshire, North Wales, Cheshire or surrounds?

    Full details follow, but these are the ideal situation, we know thats going to be hazrd to find, so have funds ready to use to upgrade, alter or renovate to get what we want.

    So if you know any smallholders or farmers with outbuildings/stables that might work, please let us know!

    Finding Furever Homes was registered as a UK Charity in late 2013 with the purpose of 'helping dogs in need'. Upset by the number of healthy dogs being destroyed on a daily basis, FFH set out to make a difference and help more unwanted dogs find care and help to get their FUREVER Homes.

    Over the years we have helped literally hundreds of dogs do that, and supported them post adoption too. We have gone the extra mile where necessary and taken care of dogs that needed more, dogs that other rescues would not or could not help. We are now looking to create our own centre and cater for dogs who still need that help, but to do so need the right premises. Premises where dogs can get a high standard of care, daily exercise and support from our professionally qualified behaviourists and trainers.

    We are looking to rent a property that offers us at least 6 kennels, outdoor space and scope to create a 'living room' in an outbuilding where dogs can spend time and build confidence with 1:1 attention. Ideally the property will be in the area of North Shropshire, North Wales or Cheshire and will already have been used for kennelling or similar activity. We have healthy accounts and can afford to renovate if necessary, to a certain degree, and are ready to move asap.

    Please help us continue to make a difference, one dog at a time?
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