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Preparing To Bring Home Your Puppy

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by ~Helen~, May 17, 2005.

  1. ~Helen~

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    Anyone can add to this forum, so I'm putting up a few old threads which I thought were really useful and had lots of information packed into them. Please feel free to comment, advise, or add information which you think might be useful to someone bringing home their puppy :)

    What's your whippet's favourite toy?

    Getting a pup - what should I know?

    Bringing home baby

    Bringing home a pup - this is my list, is there anything I've forgotten?!

    new pup/no sleep/help!

    Will my new pup and the dog I already have ever make friends?

    How should my dog react to my new pup?

    Walking my new pup on the lead

    Naming your puppy:

    A K9-er recommended this outside site:

    Next Day Pets - puppy names A-Z

    what to call my pup? thread with good lists of names

    How do you name yours? pet names...
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