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Has anyone used Propalin for incontinent bitches??

Coco started bedwetting on a regular basis. She had a urine sample taken which showed a slight infection so firstly had a course of antibiotics but she was still bedwetting. Not just little dribbles but lakes!!!

My Vet then put her onto Propalin. What sticky stuff!!! At the moment she is having it 3 times a day and it seems to have done the trick, no accidents since she has been on it (nearly 2 weeks) BUT althouth I can ask my Vet, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience long term with the stuff. Will it be as effective if I give it twice daily and is it a forever thing or has anyone got any alternative ideas, herbal/homoeopathic remedies????
If its just an infection, guess she will be able to come off it.

Two friends have had older bitches on it till the end of their time (just got a bit leaky in their old age-the dogs not my friends-maybe thats to come (w00t) ).

Others will be better placed to advise :luck:Know my friends had a mess about to find what doses worked best for their bitches.
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Hi, yes I used propalin for my elderly German Shepherd, the problem ocurred mainly afer she was spayed she had pyometra. I think we did 2 courses of Propalin and she was fine after that, the only thing that I did worry about is that it seemed to make her slightly withdrawn, but it was hard to tell as she was so poorly with the pyometra. On the whole I think it was good and did the job , although she only suffered with leakage not huge lakes. Hope this helps.
Amber (almost 13 year old Springer) has been on Propalin since the end of July of this year. She no longer has any leakages & is absolutely fine. I've cut Amber down to 2 doses per day which is fine for her, you could try 2 doses & see how she goes, if she starts leaking again put her back on 3 doses. I have just received from my Homeopathic friend some Acth 30 to try. I haven't used it yet but it is supposed to be good for incontinence in elderly bitches.
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Joanna's been on it for the past few years now, and is fine ........I only have her on it twice a day as 3 times a day was a real pain :b ........I think if used in a younger dog (over a very long period) you have to keep an eye on drinking/kidneys (well thats what I was told anyway :) ) ..........There is a HRT for bitch incontinence which worked very, very well, but it upped her hormone levels and made her very dominant and slightly aggressive :eek: .........So for the sake of pack harmony we changed to propalin ........
My friends dalmation has been on propalin syrup since 3 years old!!! (w00t) She has to stay on it for the rest of her life!!! :blink:

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