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Psychosymatic limp?


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A dog that I care for, Myrtle, has a major limp..she cant put the leg on the ground at all. She had this before and they did tests, xrays etc and found nothing. Two days later and quite instantaneously she was healed. Today (months later) this has come up again. Mrs Myrtle ((her person) tells me that she had a trauma on that back leg a long time ago. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. 😊
Maybe the trauma she suffered to that leg has left her with occasional aches and pains? It may well just be a weak spot triggered by particular movements? These might get more pronounced as she ages possibly. Only guessing of course...
I carry some spectacular injuries from years ago, and can vouch for the fact that they never stop hurting completely but are sometimes slightly noticeable and at others, VERY noticeable. Dogs - animals in general - are very good at hiding pain.
A good point, Hemlock. Mabel is occasionally ‘labouring’ on one shoulder. The vet can’t find anything wrong. I’ve got her on YouMove advanced. I’m aware that she skids on hard surfaces - hall and kitchen - so I try to confine her to carpeted or grassy surfaces. However she does have a mad dash every morning either in the garden or when she sees George, the cat. She loves him. I think she’s a typical silly whippet.
This is an addendum to my message yesterday. I’m touching on previous concerns regarding harnesses. I’m trying to attach a photo of Mabel in her “Perfect Fit” harness, however the file is ‘too big’. How do I reduce it?. I’d appreciate opinions from those ‘in the know’ whether this harness is contributing to her slight limp from her left shoulder. Vet can find nothing amiss and the homeopathy specialist (seen in December) proffered exercises - turning her head with deliberation several times to her shoulder and to her rump. Doesn’t seem to be helping.
Do you have access to a veterinary chiropractor? If so would be worthwhile.
the file is ‘too big’. How do I reduce it?
I found the quickest and easiest way was to screenshot it and post the screenshot - these seem to be smaller files.
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Actually, Hemlock, it was a Veterinary Chiropractor we saw. I think we’ll have to go back. It was our first visit and things got in the way of a subsequent meeting. Your faith in such is reassuring.
I found the quickest and easiest way was to screenshot it and post the screenshot - these seem to be smaller files.

I found the quickest and easiest way was to screenshot it and post the screenshot - these seem to be smaller files.
Have just tried that, JoanneF to no avail but many thanks for your suggestion.
If you right-click on the photo on your computer, does it give an option to resize? If so, you can use that to reduce it to, say, 800 x 600px (which may be the max). If all else fails, I can let you have my email address and you can send it to me to post.

But you've posted photos in the past - is there something different about this one?
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No difference in size. Perhaps it’s an Apple mini iPad issue. I’ll have a try with the MacBook Pro. If that fails I’ll email it directly to you. Many thanks. Good grief, it’s done it.


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