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Pup barking

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Marie1958, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Marie1958

    Marie1958 Member Registered

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    Rosie is 5.mths old now all going good at moment except she barks at slightest noise. Is this just her getting used to different noises ie neighboors coming and going.people just walking by and other dogs barking. I try not to tell her off and just ignore.give her treats when shes quiet. Shes woken me up in the night at times barking and growling. Just wondered if it a norm thing ??
  2. Michele83

    Michele83 Active Member Registered

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    The thing that worked like a charm for me was to leave the room the second the dog barks. You have to repeat it many many times like an absolute yo-yo, up and down. But after a while of this, mine realised that barking = I disappear, and that's not what she wanted at all. This is of course easy when you are inside and there is a door you can leave the room by and shut behind you. In other situation where this isn't possible, I used to just ignore her and turn away from her.
  3. pongo111

    pongo111 Member Registered

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    That's interesting Michele.
    When mine barks I go straight to her to try and reassure/calm her, which is the opposite of what you do.
    she has just started to find her voice and barks at any deliveries to the house. she also barks at the neighbours which is not ideal :)

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