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Puppy advice


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Hi all, I have recently got a puppy that's coming up to 12 weeks tomorrow she is akita cross Belgium Sheppard.

She's always playing with her mouth and biting and chewing my hands, I have tried to correct it and give her toy instead sometimes it works sometimes not. Just wondered if anyone has any other ideas?

Also not sure if I'm being paranoid but I have had to pick her up under her armpits a couple of times and sometimes felt a little click like if our knees click when we get up sometimes. Can this be normal? Where my old dog had hip dysplasia I think I'm worrying to much.

Been a long time since I have had a puppy.

Thanks for reading
Hello and welcome.

We have some advice on puppy biting here, but please do come back if you have further questions.

Thread 'Puppy biting' Puppy biting

Regarding her armpits clicking, I've always picked up dogs with one hand under the chest and the other hand supporting the hind legs. It's hard to say if the clicking is something to worry about, you might want to ask your vet.

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