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Puppy biting advice

Ranvijay Singh

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Many thanks for your advice in the puppy mouthing thread - really appreciate it, I have cleaned my garden out, so as the days get better to help burn his energy we can get him out there, do you think that will help? (sorry its our first dog as a family so want to get the best for him and its also about us learning in the process)
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I've moved your post to its own thread as the one you posted in is general advice, so it's easier for us to give specific suggestions for your particular dog here.

The answer is sort of yes, no and maybe.

Some dogs tire better after they have had a run around and burned off their energy. Others get over-excited and can't settle, like toddlers that fight sleep.

So it will be a bit of a case of trial and error, to see what works best for you. But the calm settle, and impulse control training in the videos that Judy linked will help a lot.

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