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Puppy blues


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Hi. I have an 11 week working cocker that we've had from 8 weeks. Overall she's lovely. Toilet trained really fast. Learnt basic commands and uses her crates for naps. She is starting puppy classes next week as well.
I'm currently at the end of my tether to the point of tears as I have 2 cats. The cats I general just stay out the puppies way and have just adjusted their routine a bit and seem fine. I feel awful though as the puppy constantly torments them. When the cat is sleeping she'll try and bite/play/ jump/bark and just chases the other cat. I know she is trying to play but she won't listen to being told no, distraction techniques and only leaves the cat when I call her away with a treat. I feel she just thinks if she torments the cat ill give her a treat now but it's the only way to get her to leave them alone! I have read online not to shout etc but the advice just seems a joke and the puppy is so in the zone absolutely nothing at all will get her to stop. I am starting to regret getting her, I knew there would be some initial introductory issues but I thought as she is a puppy she'd eventually learn when the cats aren't interested. Even when the cat hisses and swipes she just thinks it's a game and I'm so scared she'll accidentally get a claw to the eye etc. I understand the cat is just trying to show the puppy the boundaries but the puppy doesn't obviously understand cat language lol
Any advice would be appreciated. I want all the animals to be happy. I don't expect the cats to be best mates with the dog but even if the dog just ignores them would do.
Welcome to the forum, and don't worry - puppy blues are very normal!

With cats, you need to take a no-nonsense approach, for the cats' benefit. I would get a stairgate, puppy playpen or similar, and every time she torments a cat (or you can tell she's about to), pick her up and shut her out of the room/in the playpen. There's no need to say anything, it's not so much a punishment, more letting her build up an understanding of 'if I do this, the fun stops'.

You don't need to leave her there for long - literally 10 seconds will do the job. When you let her out, she'll probably go straight back to annoying the cats, so remove her again... and again... and again. The short time means that she'll get LOTs of opportunities for learning:D It is exhausting, but eventually you'll notice she thinks twice about approaching the cats. She might hesitate but then do it anyway, but that's because she's not yet developed the self-control she needs - this will come. Have a look at this vid:
I really do like it for helping a pup develop self-control, but make sure it's a 'fun game' for her where patience is rewarded, as she's still a baby.

Make sure she has plenty of alternative entertainment, and if you see her choose that rather than annoy the cats, give her lots of praise and a treat.

Also, of course, make sure the cats have somewhere they can retreat to, such as a cat tree.
My cousin had a Min Schnauzer she tormented the cat no end - my cousin noticed the cat would sit on the narrow window sill. She purchsed a fur rack which hooked over radiator adjacent to window. All went well till next time she came home and the Schnauzer was sitting in the rack looking at her through window..
The cat took the tormenting well - but when puppy gotb igger the cat realized he could get in places dog couldnt ie the kitchen dresser underneath and on top.

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