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Puppy bursa — 5 week old staffy


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I have a deposit on a 5 week old staffy puppy that's developed an inflamed bursa in one of its legs. A vet has said it's common in growth and treated it with antibiotics but should this be a concern for its long-term health? I'm worried it could be something that'll come back again and again.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
I'd be concerned that it would be excluded from your insurance as a pre-existing conditioned.
Would it be recorded before the puppy’s been microchipped and is only 5 weeks old?
I'm suprised the vet said this was normal as I have fostered dozens of pups and never heard of this in such a young pup ...I would want tospeak the vet myself before I took pup home as it could be an underlying problem....;)
I would speak to the vet whom treated the pup....I would have thought it would have been treated with anti inflammatory medications rather than antibiotics in such a young pup ...I would also ask my own vet as I would think it was unusual in such a young pup ...
We rescued a dog with a umbilical hernia which needed repairing a year after we adopted him and our insurance Petplan paid out ...I think it depends on what information your vet gives...good luck ..;)

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