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Puppy eating poop! HELP!


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We have a 12 week old puppy who has just started eating his poop. Distraction isn’t working and trying to get it before he does he thinks it’s a game. Does anyone have any suggestions?
There's a few things you could do, I'd start by having him on his lead while you are out, so you can pick up his poo while making sure he can't get it. You probably want to be right there beside him anyway so you can immediately reward his outside toilet, to help with toilet training.

Try not to make any fuss or sound disgusted, that makes it even more like a game for him.

You could also try giving him a spoonful of live yoghurt every day, a friend swears by that as a poo eating preventative. It's to do with keeping the gut bacteria healthy so he doesn't need to try to get extra nutrition for what might remain in the poo.
No expert on this but I understand there is a supplement you can give them to make their own poo taste awful so they don’t eat it. Freddie eats poo but not his own so it won’t work for him! Any other poo is like gold dust to him!

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