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Puppy grooming


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Hi Guys,

We always check in on this forum throughout the course of the year to keep our fingers on the pulse, but have never as of yet posted. We're a vets in Cheshire, but we also do dog grooming in Altrincham.

One of our most common problems with pet owners that bring their puppies in for grooming for the first time is that in the early months of their lives, their puppies fur has grown matted as it's been left a long time without the necessary brushing, shampooing and in some instances cutting. Although you would never say that this isn't causing a truly bad health hazard, it does create problems with the dogs becoming restless as brushing and cutting matted fur tends to be painful.

I just wondered if any of our less experienced puppy owners on the forum were aware of the grooming that they should be doing in a dogs early life so that we can try and educate our potential clients before their first visit. The problem tends to be more prevalent in puppies with medium fur, rather than show breeds where you would be more aware to grooming rituals.

Any insight would be beneficial. We've drawn up a guide to puppy grooming before their first grooming appointment which some of you may also find helpful.
Thanks for your, very valuable, input.

Puppies, as you know, can be very wriggly!!. This makes grooming very difficult and, I think, most people fall at the first hurdle. By far the best way is to start with just a touch with the brush followed by a reward. Then a single brush stroke, followed by a reward. Repeat this lots of times through the day. Pick your moment when the puppy is relaxed. Progress to two strokes of the brush and so on.

Less is always more :)

Good puppy classes, run by a member of the APDT should cover this very important topic.

Could you run a few puppy classes with your local APDT trainer? It could also de sensitise puppies to the horrors of being handled at the vet's!
That's interesting. We should probably look that suggestion and they might be able to offer some information.

In terms of the practical suggestion of brushing when they're relaxed, this is something we often tell new owners who visit. Like you say they fall at the first hurdle as they think it is too stressful for their dog, but you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes!

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