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Puppy scares


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Anyone have any scares ending up in emergency vet visit? I woke up one morning to a six month old sharpei impersonator- rushed her to vet and she was given an antihistamine injection and steroid injection. Diagnosis = bite allergy. Within a few hours she was much better and then threw up some carpet string she had unraveled a few days before 😟



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No worries, I can see your sharpei impersonator! That happened to my dog once - surprisingly, my vet didn't ask us to come in but told me to get some Piriton down him and keep an eye on him. Thankfully, the swelling went down right away and he was fine.

I did once have to rush him to the vet with suspected bloat, but thankfully it was just a tummy bug. I say 'just' - I didn't realise that projectile poo was a thing o_O
We had a scare just the other week when my 13½ year old fell all the way down the stairs. The very proclaimed him absolutely fine, but looked like she might have been prepared to prescribe something for me to calm down a bit.
It's a part of dog ownership that we never get told about - and so often happens out of hours or over a public holiday!

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