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Puppy training classes


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Hello everyone, first of all I'll introduce Buckley and I. Buckley is a 13 week old Chihuahua x JRT. He gets his final vaccination next week and is allowed into the world after that (I've been taking him out tucked into my coat to get him used to noises, smells, etc).

I've never attended puppy training classes with any of my previous dogs, for many reasons and although none of them have been total embarrassments, I'm not afraid to say they never had the best training or behaviour. I think I would enjoy learning as much as Buckley will!

I'm just wondering what other members think about training classes...essential? To be avoided? It depends on the trainer? I'm not sure if the forum allows it but if it does, I could post the name of the training school and ask if experienced members would recommend it.

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On the whole I'd say yes they are worth it but it definitely depends on the trainer. It's an unregulated industry so my 90 year old neighbour who has never owned a dog in her life could set herself up as a trainer or behaviourist (as some TV personalities have done but let's just not go there :mad:)

Anyway, yes please post details and we would be happy to take a look.

Another tip is to go along without your dog and observe. They should be happy to let you do that and if they aren't, that's another red flag.
I agree - go without your dog and watch different trainers in action. Ask yourself: Do I want my dog to do these things? Do I want my dog to have the attitudes of these dogs while doing these things?

Good trainers across all breeds/types are not always easy to find, but they do exist. Qualifications are not necessarily a benchmark, though some are more realistic than others. As a general rule, I'd say keep away from classes offered by veterinary staff unless they have separate qualifications in training/behaviour.

Think about what you want from your dog, and what the training classes offer that match these aspirations. And if you meet people with well-behaved dogs it's always worth asking them who they'd recommend for training.

And a massive WELL DONE for taking your puppy out in a safe manner to get used to the world.
Hi and welcome, Buckley is so cute, love the giant ears!:D

The only other thing I can add is if whoever you contact re training just say 'sure come along' and ask for no information about you or your pup, I'd also avoid... as Joanne says this is a self regulated business so the responsibility to research, check insurance, training methods etc are all on you.
Thank you all so much for the replies, they've given me more to think about. It's been 12 years since I've owned a puppy and I feel like I've forgotten everything! This is the website that does the puppy training classes. If it seems like a decent place I'll give them a call and ask if I can attend by myself first.
Sometimes the training class can be excellent but your pup isn't quite ready for that level of stimulation for that length of time. My advice is that if you can see his brain is beginning to fry, either sit out for a bit with you and him just observing calmly, or simply stay for the first half of each session and then go home. Also, some dogs think that sit, down, stand, down, sit is a pointless exercise after a couple of reps, and they have a point. It's much better to do a few exercises with a calm pup than to persevere and try harder and harder to get pup to 'behave' as he's gradually losing the ability to think straight. A good trainer will respect your decisions.
I've had a look at that trainer's website and I think she looks good. The only slight concern I have is that she refers to a check chain (which really shouldn't be needed on a pup) but I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think she means that they were commonly used in the 80s rather than she would use one today. Given that everything else looks absolutely fine, I'd certainly go and see her if I were you.
I just had a look too. I like that her pup sessions have a max of 5 pups and also that she offers one to one sessions. Sounds like she's worth contacting and having a chat. I think @JoanneF the way I read that bit about the check chain is that she was referring to their use in the 80's. If she is good and your pup is over whelmed by the experience it sounds like she would support you stepping back or leaving as Judy suggests above, no harm asking her what she would suggest in that situation when you visit. Good luck!

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