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Puppy vulva discharge


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Hello everyone,
I’ve got a 5 nearly 6 month old Lab cross Border collie, she’s absolutely beautiful and so well behaved but unfortunately I seem to be having nothing but issues with her urinary tract. When I first bought her home at 8 weeks (she came from a reputable breeder I saw mum & dad multiple times) I noticed she was drinking what I thought was quite a lot. I monitored this & measured it out so I could mention to the vet at her puppy health check, she was was drinking 1 and a half pints a day. At the vets I mentioned it and she happened to do a wee on the floor so he took some up in a syringe and it was literally crystal clear like water, so he checked it’s PH levels and it was so dilute it was practically water so he suggested I have bloods done to check her kidneys etc which of course I agreed to. The results came back & he said there may or may not be an issue so I think I’ll put her on antibiotics so she was on a course for nearly 3 weeks.
It seemed to clear this issue up as she stopped drinking so much but then a few weeks later I noticed that she had discharge coming from her vulva and her fur around the area was all sticky, she was 100% fine in herself eating/drinking as normal not bothering with the area at all so I wiped it clean but it kept coming back so I took her to the vets again and he stuck a scope up her Vulva to look and said yes there’s pus and starts talking straight away about scans and this procedure and that and how it could be an anatomy abnormality. I said well are you not going to check her urine again and he starts telling me about how she’ll need to be sedated to get a sterile one or I could try a free flow catch but run the risk of there being bacteria anyway I said I’ll take the risk and see what happens, as it turns out he rang me and told me that the results came back negative for any bacteria at all but that her PH levels were a bit off so suggested for now I put her on a urinary supplement which she’s been on for a month.
Unfortunately this hasn’t sorted out the problem she’s still getting vulva discharge, she’s not at all bothered by it she’s not licking the area or anything but obviously I’m really worried. We’ve got an appointment to be seen on Monday, she is insured I’m just reluctant for her to be put through unnecessary procedures at such a young age, I’m aware puppies can get vaginitis but not one person at the vets has mentioned this to me as a possibility they seem to just want to dive straight in with scans etc.
I’m uploading a photo of today this is the most/worst I’ve ever seen the discharge, usually it’s only a little bit. I’ve washed it away with a water wet wipe and nothings come back and this is what happens it can stay away for a week maybe and then it happens again it’s so odd.
Any suggestions or has anyone experienced similar? I’m so stressed out.
Gosh, sorry to hear all this, it is such a worry especially when so young. I can't offer any advice on this other than you are perfectly within your rights to ask for a second opinion from a different vet. Wishing you the best of luck and the hope of an answer soon. There are others on here that have bitches which may be able to shed some light maybe...
@excuseme or @Hemlock possibly?
Having had entire bitches all my life I have never come across anything like this:eek:
I would suggest as @Flobo has and get a second opinion.
I would not use a vet in the same practice, I would suggest a vet from a completely different practice.
I would worry that vets from the same practice would support each other:(
Personally, I also wouldn't hesitate too long before getting a scan and other procedures. Sure, you don't want her to go through unnecessary procedures, but leaving it untreated for longer possibly has a greater risk.
Could it be pyometra - symptoms include drinking more, as well as the more obvious ones like discharge.

Pyometra (infected womb) in dogs

If so, it is serious, please make sure your vet has ruled that out for good reason, or see another vet.
I've had puppies with vaginitis (and puppies without) and it's no big deal, but that doesn't look like vaginitis to me - PV is clear and that looks as if there may be an infection. But - it's a photo, and of course I may be misinterpreting. In your position I'd go to another vet practice, preferably a farm vet as they tend to be more knowledgeable about entire animals. If it IS an infection, all it needs is the right antibiotics - maybe two, an aerobic and an anaerobic but see what the vet says. Multiple tests and invasive examinations might not be needed, but again, I am not a vet and I am not on the spot.
Hi everyone & thank you all for your responses, just a little update:
I’ve taken her to see a different vet at another practice & he is equally as baffled by the discharge, she’s 100% fine in herself & it doesn’t bother her at all so he’s thinking it could be puppy vaginitis and as it’s not there 24/7 it can disappear for anything up to 2 weeks to wait and see if it clears when she has her first season. I did bring a urine sample with me to the appointment though as there were some questions about her urine PH previously so he did an in-house test and said that the PH levels were a lot lower than they’d expect and there was also a bit of sediment in there so he’s arranged for me to come back Friday morning to do a cystocentesis on her. He doesn’t think that the urine results and the discharge are at all related.
I’m really worried now that somethings going on with her kidneys o_O


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What a worry - do let us know how she gets on, we'll all be hoping she soon has a clean bill of health.
Hoping for better news soon. Thinking of you.
Everything crossed here too. That's a lovely pic, she is a beautiful looking dog
I have just scrolled up the page to see what I had missed after @Flobo had said "That's a lovely picture", the only picture I could see was the one in the first post, a nice clear picture of a vulva oozing puss:rolleyes:o_O Hmm.
I have looked harder and found the attachment of a beautiful black puppy.
By the way, what is her name, or have I missed that too:eek:.

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@Gemmie I was wondering how Grace is? I do hope all is well now..

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