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Pyometra Shar pei


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Hi, I am asking for advice, my partner dog is a 9.3 year old Shar Pei.

She was in heat over Christmas, and at the vets two weeks ago suspected Pyometra. Prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. All settled, yesterday however seemed a little off, today very lethargic and looking some discharge which would show a likely open Pyometra.

This is where he is stuck.

The operation at the vets is approx 1800k inclusive after care.
Tried an emergency vets this morning just to get in £300.

This Shar Pei is a 'poor pedigree' in respect it's had surgery twice for eyes, surgery for ears invasive surgery opening up ears on side of head, regular skins problems, has had 7 Shar Pei fevers, and a lower than average kidney function.

Insurance is not an option too late for this anyhow.

Vet told my partner when prescribed two weeks ago, needed surgery he as said its not an option cannot financially afford it, and I mean it's not a choice he is in bits we cannot raise the funds to do this, it's been a terrible run of redundancy things going wrong at electrical all of funds are gone and not by choice.

What realistically are his options

Booking emergency appointment in the morning with the vet have max of £500 for the bill.

We have checked PDSA ETC do not qualify.

He is considering trying antibiotics again if it doesn't work like previous out of options.

For best needs of the dog he has even thought of surrendering not because he can bare the thought of doing so, but the other option is PTS, which if the dog has the chance of a full life and it's financial it's not right.

Neither option is will be by choice but it's quite clear the dog is unwell again so need best by dog not best for owner

Any advice please
I'm sorry you are facing this. Have you explored things like low rate credit cards, paying your vet by installments, selling things?
What a horrible position to be in - I'm so sorry.

I have heard of rescues taking on dogs where the owner can't afford vet bills - the rescue can then try to raise funds from its followers for the medical costs. Some owners also try to raise funds through crowdfunders (note that if you tried this you wouldn't be able to post details on this forum as it is against our rules).

As you say, it's not right that a dog should have to be PTS for financial reasons. But sometimes, there simply isn't another option, and you couldn't have foreseen the redundancy and so on. So if it comes to it, please try not to feel like you've let your dog down - sometimes there simply isn't another way.
I was wondering, if your vets would accept some kind of affordable payment plan? Worth a shot, nothing to lose by asking and possibly everything to gain... so sorry to hear the position you are in:(
Hi, Thank you for the swift replies.

Have tried own vet and a few other local vets, no payment plans available.

There isn't much we could sell that would raise the funds which would make sense, my laptop alone is a company laptop it's kitchen appliances and with two children two feed and take care of this isn't an option.
It's been such a bad run of luck of late should not moan as people out there in much worse positions.
The frustration from my partner is we have spent £300 thus far plus another £500 (likely by end of day ) and could arrange a payment plan and pay it but who knows why the vet does not do them.
He is going to look at a loan tomorrow but it's going to be unlikely unfortunately when we hit that point of losing job we missed payments to ensure roof over head and food on the table plus at the time vet fees for a fever.
If you have to PTS, don't feel guilty. I know it may not come to that, I hope it doesn't, but sometimes you just have to make hard choices and the financial thing definitely has to be taken into account.
Thank you for all replies

She was taken to emergency vet Monday night as she was unable to sit or lay down crying lots too.
Emergency vet advised there are two options PTS or email animal trust and ask.
Animal trust appointment booked for the Tuesday operation took place Wednesday early hours, vet called partner Wednesday morning, the pyometra was very large in one place the size had grown to a large grapefruit.

Unfortunately they also found necrotic tissue in the abdomen when completing the surgery
Antibiotics anti inflammatories and pain killers prescribed.

She is still not eating a lot, and keeping watch on the wound. Fingers crossed pulls through ok in end but the vet was concerned about the necrotic tissue, removed all they could, I didn't go into the consultation room at the end, but they had said they cut all away they could then had to fold over the tissue, so cysts and infection risk is very high in the area.
Fingers crossed as I said pulls through
Thank you for updating us. I hope she pulls through.
My fingers are crossed for you. Good luck xx
Everything crossed for your girl here too xx
Heaven on Earth what an awful story and I thought I had problems.
Laura8w8w what was the outcome? did she survive? I do so hope and praying that she did, poor little mite.
I have a 10 yr old or have been informed now she could be 11 unspayed female but after seeing her post anaesthetic after teeth removal swore I would never put her through anaesthetic again even though the vet advised to have her spayed
I hope I do not live to regret this especially having just read your story
Sus, not wanting to intrude on OP's sad story, but offering help to you - I have had several unspayed bitches and never a problem with pyo. That's not to say it isn't a very real problem, just that it isn't inevitable. My vet at the time also kept unspayed bitches and was perfectly happy with that.
As an update, she has recovered from surgery, cone off and back to normal to a degree.
I would say not completely right as yet sleeps more than usual still but perhaps age too, she is off to vets mid week as has another ear infection so he will bring it up.

I'm not sure if anyone has experienced a pyometra before or perhaps a bitch spayed.
But I'm getting rather annoyed as she is now pooing in the kitchen quite regularly, not sure if little notice it's coming but again he will be asking at vets, overnight or if we are out, to be completely honest about two weeks or so ago she walked into the kitchen didn't signal needed to go out and next thing the smell. I put that down to recovery now I'm not so sure, worth an ask before vets mid week.
She absolutely won't be doing it to annoy you. She may have lost some sense of feeling? IDK, do ask your vet, but please cut her some slack. She has been through a lot.
I'm glad she's doing OK so far. Please try not to feel annoyed at her accidents. It will certainly be related to her illness and op, and she really can't help it. If she feels your annoyance (even if only at the fact that you need to clear it up), she will become more anxious and stressed about it, and you want her to be as stress free as possible while she recovers.

Cross-posted with JoanneF - again!

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