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QUERY: New puppy 1 undescended testicle


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Happy Friday all,

I am due to bring my puppy home coming Thursday. Breeder has notified, during his health check today 1 undescended testicle was noticed, how common is this in puppies currently 7weeks 4 days today. How concerned should I be?


thanks in advance.
Quite common. Little need for concern unless you wish to show or breed, and the errant testicle has plenty of time to descend over the next few months. Some little lads take a while, some drop them very early.
If after a year it hasn't descended, it's a slight cancer risk for the retained one, so you may choose to have it removed. Normally both testicles are removed at this time, but there is nothing wrong with leaving the descended one in situ for the dog's lifetime, if you weren't planning to have him castrated. Sometimes the retained one is easily found, but sometimes it's quite a tricky operation, hence it being sensible to factor this into your decision.

You may read all sorts of horror stories about the risks of retained testicles, but to keep a sense of proportion, reflect that it's a common condition in human males, and they aren't routinely given a full castration for it.
Don't be concerned yet but if it doesn't descend, the operation to remove it will be a bit more complex and therefore expensive than normal neutering. And, it's not possible to predict how much more because it depends on where it is.

If it doesn't descend, it would definitely need to be removed though because of the higher cancer risk.

You might want to discuss with the breeder whether they would be prepared to contribute.
Thank you Hemlock and Joanne for prompt reply.
Anyone know how much it would be? I just want to be prepared for the worst just in case.
Thank you Hemlock and Joanne for prompt reply.
Anyone know how much it would be? I just want to be prepared for the worst just in case.
That is a really difficult question because it depends how deep in the body the undescended testicle is positioned. And, some vets are more expensive than others.

I'd suggest giving your local vet a ring, and asking for worst case scenario estimates.

And - I know you won't want to hear this - you don't have to take this puppy. I just wanted to put that out there.
Thank you Joanne, definitely call to vet seems next step for us.
Probably sounds naïve but husband, myself and my 3 year is too attached to puppy already to give him up.
Yes, I absolutely understand.

But putting your heart aside and your head on, it is a serious consideration. You would fall in love with another puppy just as fast.

I'm honestly not trying to be hard here, but this could cost you a lot. If the breeder is happy to share that, that's great. But there is no shortage of puppies out there and you will fall in love with any of them. Because that's what puppies do to us.

Out of curiosity, what breed?
I totally understand what you are saying. Hence wanted to know rough estimate on the cost if needed operation.
Also, breeder has listed the puppy ad with no-refundable deposit of £250, which is already been paid.
I think your best next step is to contact the vet you plan to use, and get some numbers. And see whether the breeder will suck up some of the cost.

Then you can make some objective decisions.

For perspective, there's every chance it will drop and everything will be fine. But, just in case, it's good to know the options.
Ive had this in two dogs, the first giant breed c Bouvier des Flanders x st Bernard and the other in a cross fox Terrier. Neither dog had any ill effect the Bouvier was 5 before it was removed as a vet scared us with cancer stories and tests came back 100% normal.
The terrier was just over a year his was difficult to find and the surgery was about 50% more expensive than a normal castration op.
I would say given this is a possible unexpected expense the breeder should work with you regarding that deposit. If they dont it says a lot about who they are.
Thank you all for your advice, really help me make decision.

UPDATE because I thought it would help someone like me in future if they are in same situation.
My vet was able to give me rough estimate of £850 for whippet worst case scenario.
Forwarded this to breeder, asking if she would help with the cost if required (may not need if descended) to which she offered £100 off on original price and nothing more, she also stated her vet said testicle will drop by 6 months.

Putting heart aside, I decided not to go ahead with purchase to which breeder implied she would refund only £150 of original non refundable £250 deposit.
I'm sorry the breeder was like that - I'd have expected her to be more understanding and generous.

I wish you luck in finding another puppy, if we can help with your search in any way, please do ask.
As dogs are considered property ( disgusting but true) the same laws should apply ie you can get a refund for damage goods or a product which does not meet expectations . In this case you have decided that the pup is by virtue of its medical issue damaged, so it could be argued that the breeder must fully refund you. But only you can decide if this is worth fighting for . However I would personally leave a warning review of them on any website they are on.
I am sorry that you had to make this decision and the breeder was not helpful with resolving the issue with you as it was obvious that you did your research and tried to get them to meet you at least half way. I am sure you will find another perfect addition to your family x
I think the breeder did the right thing by telling you what was found with pup on his health check and maybe they would have helped more financially if the testicle did not drop and he would have needed an operation...alot of pups especially sighthounds take longer for their testicles to drop and at this time it's all ifs and buts ...lots of breeders asking thousands of pounds do not even get their pups properly checked ....

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