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Rash / Skin Discoloration


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Hello all, I'm new here and still new to dog ownership.

I have a 9 month old Springer Jack (or Jack Spaniels as I prefer to say) called Alf.

I bought a Canny Collar gentle leader to help him with his walking. This was brilliant in helping his pulling but I fitted it wrong and the clip that was meant to go under his chin was on top of his nose pressing down for one walk. Upon realising my mistake, I corrected it but it left a slight red mark on his snout. This was around 10 days ago.

I have stopped using the Canny Collar while wanting the mark to fade. However, unfortunately it seems to have spread across half of his face instead.

I have tried virgin coconut oil, Leucillin and salt water baths to try and reduce it but it is not going away. He is not showing any signs of distress (not scratching it) but it looks a mess.

He has not had any changes in food to cause an allergic reaction.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and can you give any recommendations to help calm the redness down? Everything I've tried so far seems to be making it worse.

Thank you


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Hi, and welcome to the forum. This isn't something I've experienced, but it would be worth letting your vet have a look so you can get a better idea of the underlying cause, and the best treatment. It's possible that the slight irritation of the clip kick-started a general skin sensitivity which is still ongoing. Do please let us know how you get on :)
Thank you. Vet seems to think it has stemmed from an insect bite and irritation has continued after a bite. Got some antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicine so hopefully that will work
Still not healed unfortunately but it's not getting any worse and isn't causing him any sign of irritation.

There is possibly some improvement directly above his upper lip but there's still discoloration on top. It's been two weeks today since he went to the vet. She did say it could take two weeks to see any improvement in his skin and four weeks for his discoloured fur to return to normal, so we are still within those timeframes.

I'm a bit hesitant to take him back to the vet just yet. As I mentioned, it's not causing him any irritation. The next thing the vet said we could try is a skin scrape under sedation. However, I feel like sedating a 9 month old puppy for something that is bothering me more than it is him is a bit extreme?

I am at a bit of a loss though as I thought there would have been a bigger improvement by now so if anyone has any experience with something similar, I'd love to hear suggestions.


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I agree with you. These issues take time to heal, and you are proceeding along the right lines.
Thanks for the reassurance Hemlock :) It's probably also worth me mentioning that I think the colour of the stain is changing - it started as more of a pinky red but is now turning to more of a brown / yellow. I'm hoping that's a sign of healing as it returns to white?
Could well be. It's worth you photographing it daily so that you can look back on the healing process of this particular issue. I've done this with a number of eyebrow-raising injuries over the years, and it's really instructional looking at the timescale and changes.
Yes, I have been photographing every day, it's a good idea. The initial 3 pictures I attached at the beginning of this thread are about 2 weeks old, whereas the picture I posted on today's post is from last night. I keep looking at them and thinking there is some signs of improvement but don't know if it's just wishful thinking on my part!
You should take your dog go to the vet, it will fine. Poor dog <3 <3 <3

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