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Raw chicken legs


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Just curious really - you know that bone in a chicken leg that's really thin and sharp like a needle - has anyone ever been concerned about feeding that? How do your dogs manage with it?
I didnt think you were allowed to give weight bearing chicken bones to dogs ...I have only given wings and on the odd occasion a carcass...
I've always given wings, thus dodging the whole question! I don't imagine there would be a problem in most cases, given the soft bone and big padding of flesh, but I'm a great believer in not looking for trouble.
I can't say I have ever noticed what you have mentioned, but whatever they are they will be safe just like any other part of a chicken carcass.
I mince a huge amount of fresh Pheasant bodies from beaks, heads, necks, no wings (we cut them off and throw them away! ) legs. The actual boney leg and feet are used as treats. When minced there are loads of what look like sharp needles in the mince, but these are only the sinues and tendons from the drumstick part of the leg. These are far more visible in the drumsticks of Phesants who are probably 6 months old whereas a chicken is only a few weeks of age probably no more than 5 to 8 weeks maximum. even these are quiet safe to feed :).
My understanding is that it's fine for dogs to eat chicken legs - Nurturing by Nature sell chicken drumsticks, though I'm not sure which part of the leg the thin bone is in though. Foxes, wolves, etc. would of course eat a chicken leg bones and all, so would be well adapted to them.
In answer to JudyN: the tiny bone is the fibula. We have them too, below the knee joint and parallel to the shinbone (the tibia). Where the chicken thigh joins the drumstick is the chicken equivalent of our knee. Chickens we buy from supermarkets are pretty young, so the bones are softish.
I buy whole chicken and cut it up - drumsticks and breasts are for dinner for me and my son - sometimes also the wings and thighs as he likes them but only when I have wings and thighs stocked in the freezer. Although I believe drumsticks are not an issue for august I have been reluctant to introduce them 🤷‍♀️ For chicken muscle I buy minced or diced chicken (mis shaped diced chicken currently £8.99 for 2kg at Meat Supermarket so I have ordered 3 packs)
If anyone has any suggestions on how to get over my drumstick phobia please let me know 😀

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