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Raw diet vs dried biscuits


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Hi I'm Sam and I'm currently study animal management at college and have been asked to do a research project on the raw food diet for dogs. I did to find out what the pros and cons of the diet are, Then I need to compare the raw diet to the any common dried food biscuits, to see what different ingredients and nutritional content are in both.

I also want to know if there is anyone that is currently doing the raw diet for there dogs and if it has actually changed them, also it would be helpful to see if anyone has tried it but they didn’t like the dog on the diet for certain reasons, if so explain your reasons.


thanks in advance
I have some research about pros and cons of both... hope this helps...

BARF diet;

Pros –

· better digestion – natural raw food passes through easier

· healthier coats and skin

· increased energy levels

· improved disposition

· fresher breath

· cleaner teeth and gums – chewing bones helps this process

· weight control – no fatty grains

· very low in carbohydrates – which often cause food allergies and digestive issues

· no chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, fillers and additives

· shinier coats

· high acceptance by the dog

· high in protein

· fresh and unprocessed

· high water content

Cons –

· benefits aren’t proven; they’re anecdotal

· raw meat can contain harmful bacteria – including E. coli and salmonella

· airway obstruction and choking

· bowel obstruction and intestinal perforations

· inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract

· severe diarrhoea

· time consuming – inconvenient

· more expensive

· not every dog is suitable for a raw diet especially immune-compromised dogs and dogs with allergies.

· nutritional balance is also a concern: not having an adequate calcium source, for example, can leave a dog at risk for severe orthopaedic problems.

· dietary imbalances in the raw food diets

· an unbalanced diet that may damage the health of dogs if given for an extended period



· convenient

· cheap

· practical

· good for dental health

· readily available

· contains the proteins, fats, fibres, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins the dog needs

· keeps teeth clean

· can be left for long periods of time without going bad

· different formulas for ages so suitable for sensitive diets

· not much mess

Cons –

· lack of moisture

· harder to digest

· larger stools

· contains high levels of sodium which is bad for some dogs

· not as nutritious as raw meat

· some brands can be fattening

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