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Raw Food Preparation


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As some will know, Rusty is transitioning to raw food, prepared by Honey's Real Dog Food (impressed by their service, by the way). All is well, he absolutely loves it, and we're getting into a routine of giving him these meals (he is still having some Platinum wet food until that runs out). Anyway, as we're giving him raw food, after each meal e have to do a lot of antibacterial cleaning - wash his bowl/utensils/chopping board on hot water, then rinse it, and disinfect the area. This takes a bit of time but the main issue is the resources - lots of paper towel and water! Does anyone have any suggestions please on how we could streamline this? He has two raw meals a day, the trouble is we don't have anywhere out of the way to leave al this equipment so we can wash it all in one go. We also don't have anywhere other than out kitchen to do this work!

Thanks in advance!
Do you have a dishwasher? I always used that. Work areas would get wiped down with a general-purpose cleaner and dishcloth, which then went in the washing machine (not at a high temperature).

For stuff that wasn't dishwasherable, I'd just wash it up in the usual bowl, after I'd done non-dog non-dishwasherables, using a different brush (which lived in the same pot as the others), and then it dried with the rest. Any bit of floor that had made contact with meat also got a wipe-down with general-purpose cleaner using a dishcloth that went straight in the machine after (usually a general-purpose one that was destined for a wash anyway).

Do you go through the same rigmarole if you're preparing raw meat for humans?

We all have different hygiene levels, and I admit mine are pretty low, and you might not be happy to use my approqach, but we've never had any raw-food-related bugs.
Do you go through the same rigmarole if you're preparing raw meat for humans?

To a degree. Anything that comes into contact with raw meat that's destined for humans gets a good antibacterial spray, but the actual dishes go in the dishwasher. Perhaps that's the answer and we're being a bit overzealous as we're new to raw for dogs. Thanks for the tips, all useful stuff as always!
I always use microfibre cloths which get changed every day ...I've been feeding raw 20yrs + and never had a problem...think we can overthink things now ....:D:p
My modus operandi is similar to JudyN’s. Just an antibacterial wipe down of the work surface after the food’s been put down for her - including surface protector and weighing scale. By this time (actually much sooner!) she’ll have finished her meal. I wash her feeding bowl by hand followed by a thorough washing of my hands. I’ve yet to suffer any adverse effects. It’s very easy (and laudable) to overthink the issue but as long as hands are washed regularly you’ll be fine, arealhuman. Now, who gave me that lead about those disgusting hard tack fish skins? Mabel did enjoy the first three or four and went off them (having discovered dehydrated duck). I did find a home for them just before they were ready to walk out of the house by themselves.
Oh dear, that might have been me ...!
In which case you have two very grateful rescued English setters and a rescued retriever thing and I’ve lost a lovely neighbour with a keen sense of smell.
We have used and fed raw products for well over 40 years, and were still both here now, without any illnesses related to raw food products whether it be for the dogs use or us/humans.
I have never been over careful with my hygiene regime but these days I always keep a good splash of bleach in most of my washing down and washing up water. Most nights the dish cloth sits in bleachy water.
There is an area in the kitchen where raw meats are processed, but all areas are very close, we are a small house. Raw meats in the fridge are kept on the lowest shelf and covered, (only a small fridge).

Neither of us were brought up or raised in a germ free environment and have worked on farms for half of our lives, lunch time packed lunches were often eaten and still are if we are out without washing facilities!
Maybe we/I have just been lucky.

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